Target Towing

Our aircraft are reliable, cost-effective – and a pleasure to fly

Learjet 75 Liberty

More time on mission

With their speed, agility and handling characteristics, Bombardier Learjet and Challenger aircraft are ideal for target towing exercises. They are also a cost-effective choice, boasting longer maintenance intervals than their competitors and optimized operating costs. Bombardier aircraft are renowned for their outstanding dispatch reliability, which translates to less time on the ground and more time on mission, while their excellent handling characteristics and smooth ride make them a pleasure to fly.

Learjet 75 Liberty cockpit

A world leader in target towing

Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft attributes: Garmin flight deck upgrade is a standard feature; better performance than its competitors for the same operating costs; part of a proven fleet with over 25 million flight hours; advantageous maintenance intervals, Part 25 certification compared to other light jets. The Learjet platform is a leading target tow aircraft worldwide

Ready for today and tomorrow

The Challenger aircraft boasts the best equipped cockpit in their class and is Nextgen ready to continue to be a vital training asset for years to come. 

Ready for today and tomorrow