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The go-to platform to train the next generation of pilots

Learjet 75 liberty cockpit

Proven platform

As the aviation industry grows, so does the need for highly trained pilots. Bombardier’s Learjet aircraft, with their impressive handling characteristics and sophisticated systems, have long been the go-to platform for pilot training. The Learjet aircraft are an ideal teaching tool to prepare a new generation of pilots for a wide array of aviation careers. 

Learjet 75 Liberty

The Learjet fleet recently surpassed 25 million flight-hours, a testament to the iconic platform’s enduring mark in the world of aviation, and Bombardier recently announced lengthened intervals between recurring major powerplant inspections, which have been extended from 3,000 to 3,500 engine hours. This interval extension directly benefits the bottom lines of operators by reducing the number of repeat inspections over the lifecycle of the engine, thereby decreasing operating costs of the aircraft.

Learjet 75 Liberty

The most stringent safety standards 

Learjet aircraft have more speed, range and endurance than other light jets, and are the only light jet certified to the more stringent safety standards of Part 25 certification, applicable to commercial airliners. At the controls of a Learjet, with a dual-pilot cockpit to facilitate in-flight guidance, pilots can learn to master light jet flight while gaining valuable experience to progress to larger business, military or commercial platforms. 

The Liberty to own a Learjet

Bombardier’s newest Learjet model, the Learjet 75 Liberty, boasts class-leading performance with the same operating costs as the competition, making it an ideal stepping stone for the next generation of pilots.