Head of State

From light jet to large cabin, our reliable aircraft provide safe and secure transport

Head of State Luftwaffe Global 6000 on tarmac
Photography by Bundesrepublik Deutschland ©2020.

Maximize time and peace of mind

Providing reliable, safe and secure transportation, Bombardier’s diverse portfolio of business jets meet any and all requirements for Head of State transport. Whether on domestic or regional flights, or as part of worldwide diplomatic missions, Bombardier aircraft save valuable time by flying dignitaries and support staff quickly and directly to their destinations.

Global 6500
Head of State Global 6500 cabin

Designed for productivity

Our aircraft are geared for productivity with ample meeting space and next-generation connectivity, with room for passengers to rest between events. Our signature smooth ride and quiet cabins help reduce the fatigue of frequent travel for both passengers and crew. 

Role change capability

In addition to serving a Head of State role, our aircraft can be configured with “role change capability” for troop and cargo transport, medevac and other missions. All of our specialized aircraft can be outfitted with secure communications, navigation and self-protection systems.

Photography by Bundesrepublik Deutschland ©2020.

Head of State Luftwaffe Global 6000 on tarmac